About Dr. Yvette

Dr. Ursula Yvette Scott (Dr. Yvette™) is an award-winning educator and businesswoman whose work in both the public and private sectors has changed countless lives over her 20-year career.

Dr. Yvette™ has been writing, mentoring, and empowering people (particularly women) her entire adult life. She is founder of Yvette & Company, CEO of 31st & Seventh Media, and Executive Director of PATHS, a learner support and tutoring program for students.

Designed to encourage and equip her audience, Dr. Yvette’s presentations, programs, and writings cover topics ranging from relationships—forbidden, broken, or dying—to thriving in the workplace, to living and prospering before and after retirement, to the art of effective communication.

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Dissertation Refinement

Ph.D. recipient, Capella University

Adame-Smith, A. (2016). The lived experience of homeless college students: A phenomenological study

Ed.D. recipient, University of Central Florida

Sidor, S. (2007). The Impact of Computer based simulation training on leadership development

Prospectus Refinement

Ed. D. candidate, University of Central Florida

Fortunato, G.C. (2015) Collaborations between academic affairs and student affairs in the Florida college system. A qualitative investigative study on the role of collaboration and student success.