"There were a few teachers that assisted me throughout my time at PACE, but the one that impacted me the most was Dr. Yvette. She was an exceptionally intelligent woman and an excellent teacher. Dr. Yvette loved teaching and her students. She dealt with troubled teenagers and took her time to get to know each student as an individual. Before my arrival at PACE, no one challenged me to perform at my maximum potential until I sat down in Dr. Yvette’s class. She impacted my life more than any other teacher, and I am beyond thankful for it."

 - Jennifer Simso: Former Student

"Dr. Yvette is a born leader, cultivator, and catalyst. From my observation of over 7 years she goes beyond the art of mentoring simply because she cares and leads by example while providing next-level expertise."

 - Isaiah Pace: Owner, IP3 Media Strategies

"I’m pleased to write on behalf of my colleague and friend. Dr. Yvette has proven to be an inspiration not only to her students, but to the Cambridge faculty and staff as well. Dr. Yvette is a competent instructor and I’m equally impressed with her professionalism."

 - Cynthia Abromitis: MAEd, RT, RDMS, RVT 

"Dr. Yvette has been a part of my life since 2008. Ever since I met her she has exuded nothing but great leadership and a willingness to help 

the community by mentoring both children and young adults. She has accomplished things like creating and running the Multicultural & International Resource Center (MIRC) at the local community college, to starting a summer dance camp to teach young people life skills and different styles of dance. She has a passion to grow young minds and teach seasoned ones. I’m so glad to have her a part of my life."

 - Susan Wilson: Trainer at Gubagoo  

"Dr. Yvette has been a huge inspiration in my life. I remember never having practiced for the SAT [Scholastic Aptitude Test] and she practiced with me for about 2 weeks and I passed and scored pretty high."

 - Zakia Stacy: Former Student 

"One of the first classes I attended [pre-nursing] was College Composition taught by Dr. Yvette. What I especially appreciated about Dr. Yvette is that she set high, but achievable, expectations for the class. She instantly gained my respect for that. Dr. Yvette has brought great value to my life and to Daytona State College. She is one of those rare professors who is not only passionate about teaching, but also cares about her students. She reached out to me, but also to many others in my class as well. While I have attended other classes at Daytona State where I have felt as though I didn’t quite get my money’s worth out of the class, Dr. Yvette’s class is not one of them. In fact, to some degree, I am still indebted to her."

 - Heather Molden: Nurse

"I want to thank you so so much for coming to Project W.A.R.M., a residential treatment program for women who suffer with drugs & alcohol addiction. The empowerment session in April of this year was geared toward the Joy of Being a Woman and designed to help the women discover their hidden potential. Your Unique Style and giftedness to engage the women in discovering who they are and what they possess as beautiful women transformed the entire Workshop. Dr. Yvette, your ability to minister healing to thousands of women all around has helped us all embrace & discover our hidden potential, & that presentation alone has given the women at Project W.A.R.M. a spiritual roadmap for a better life. Thank you Dr. Yvette!"

 - Minister Ineta White: Project W.A.R.M

"Dynamic, student oriented, involved and dedicated. Those are but a few words that I use when describing Dr. Yvette. When an organization seeks…to add to their ranks, the best practice dictates that you seek…the best and most qualified. Her activities involve both student involvement and the community at large. My relationship with Dr. Yvette goes back 9 years, and during that time she has demonstrated to me that she has what it takes to help shape and mold our future leaders."

 - Kelvin Mayner: Associate Trustee, Bethune-Cookman University

"During Dr.Yvette’s seminar I attended in November 2015, I was given the opportunity to share my business (WAM Solutions) with other strong, powerful and determined women from various walks of life. The women there were very embracing and encouraging. Most importantly we listened and shared our accomplishments, our purpose, and challenges. Dr. Yvette’s networking formula allowed us to recognize our passion and mistakes. This night opened the door for many women to believe in the ideas they once created or dreamed of or turned their backs on. Thank you again, woman of courage and faith."

 - Wendy McBean: Owner, WAM Solutions

"I value my professional relationship with Dr. Yvette very highly. She helped make me a better professional by lending constant support and input at times when I felt professionally marginalized and culturally alienated.  Her insights are keen and her concern is genuine.  Dr. Yvette’s capabilities are unlimited; she has achieved awards and an advanced degree while her own children were attending high school and college. What better measure is there of an educator than to see the fruits of their labor result in healthy, well-adjusted, college-educated children?  Many talk the talk, but few walk the walk--Dr. Yvette can provide evidence for any qualifications that almost any position in academia could require.  She is results oriented and a pleasure to be associated with."

 - Reginald A. Williams: Professor

"Dr. Yvette has been an exemplary role model to me since I met her. Her intelligence, ambition, and perseverance through life has given her the power to be able to teach and set examples for women--young and old, black or white--what it takes to become successful and an elegant lady. Dr. Yvette will always be someone I admire for she has taught me so much and is always there in my time of need."

Shawnnisha Crump: Student

"Often times we find ourselves wanting to be like someone else or wanting to recreate ourselves from what we see in other people. In reality, we all are looking for a leader. That person that motivates us, inspires us and captures our vision and gives us what we need to help us find the greatness in ourselves. Dr. Yvette is that leader for so many of us. She provides a foundation and a constant connection as well as professionalism that can’t be matched. Dr. Yvette gets you out of your head, out of your bed, and into life."

Katish Lewis: Student