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Dr YvetteRediscovery-RediscoverMe!™ 

This seminar is designed for the man or woman who has already experienced several years in a career and is hearkening to the call to reinvent self. Dr. Yvette encourages her attendees to discard the idea of reinvention and will take you step by step through the process of Rediscovering the dormant passions deep within us all.

Churches — Church leaders are torn when it comes to the adequacy of viewing a church as a business. Dr. Yvette sheds light on how a church should function at every level of the hierarchy (spiritual leadership) without sacrificing its faith-based foundation.

Businesses/Corporations -- Your business needs will vary depending largely on the age and size of your company. Dr. Yvette will examine your business plan (including the frequency with which you update), and conduct a comparative analysis of goals and goals-achievement. Critical to longevity is understanding the difference between stated mission and perceived mission. The results from Dr. Yvette’s review will determine critical next steps in your organization.

Coaching – Dr. Yvette’s years of experience as a Mentor and Consultant have revolutionized coaching into what she calls the Two Birds, One Stone approach. Clients have the option of receiving individualized coaching that segues into working with partners and small teams to improve harmony and maximize growth with a focus on longevity. 

Speaker – Keynotes for luncheons, conferences and commencement exercises

Workshops – While many of her workshops are designed to address topics such as Time and Resource Management, Team Building, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence and the like, Dr. Yvette takes the “tailor-made” approach to address issues that an organization feels is unique to its human capital.

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