Goal Setting is Important to You (in case you didn’t know it)

01 Jun , 2014





Before you read a book you check the table of contents. Right then, you decide how much of the book you intend to read.  Before you follow a recipe you make sure you have all the ingredients. You have an outcome in mind and you don’t want a missing item, i.e. sugar, to get in the way.  

Before you assemble a piece of furniture you make sure you have all the parts.  No one wants to invest 45 minutes in putting together an office desk only to discover Side A is missing.  

Before walking into a business meeting you check the agenda, not for what will be covered, but for how long the meeting will last. Whether or not you have after-meeting plans, you are still thinking beyond that moment in time. That is all goal setting is.

Thinking about the future, what you want from it, what you have at your disposal here and now, and the outcome. Look at it this way. There are hundreds if not thousands of books and articles in hard copy and cyberspace that offer ways to self-improvement or, worse, reasons we don’t reach that plateau.

You’ve seen them, 12 steps to Optimizing your potential, 7 power moves investors make in the stock market, 5 reasons not to talk during sex.   

This strategy of including the number of items that will be discussed in a title is very old, very effective and is the very thing that you use to determine if you will read an article how much of the article you read or if you just skim over the 12 or 7 or 5 headings. But there is a larger-scale practice of goal-setting that I fear is missing from your life.

Let’s define goal in its most generic form: The intended result of your efforts. Have you stopped being a goal setter? Or is it that you've merely dumbed down your goal setting to the most simplistic day to day routine known to man?  Routine: I'm going to get up in the morning at 6 a.m. without the use of an alarm clock. I'm going to put on a pair of dark slacks a white shirt and a tie and drink my coffee out of the same coffee mug I always use, I'm going to arrive to work at 7:50 and park in my usual parking space. 

In case you didn’t know it, there is a reason your goal setting has been reduced to such a hum drum routine. I will suggest a few possible reasons, while you use this time to ponder and reflect…

It’s never too late to kick it up a notch and spend the rest of your days making them your best ever. Remember, goals should be realistic (at 50, you don’t really expect to be drafted to the NFL), measurable (know how you will know you’ve reached the goal (if your goal is to become a singer, measure your attainment of the goal by the daily steps you take toward it: rehearse 30 minutes a day), and attainable (even if you don’t reach the level of a Whitney Houston, have you at least secured gigs at weddings and nightclubs or singing engagements at churches?). If you are living an unfulfilled life, set a goal that matters to you and work towards it every single day.