Avoiding your Mentor?

06 Nov , 2014

AvoidingWhen there is a person in your life that represents your potential and you find yourself avoiding that person, that's the reason. It is a constant reminder to you of what you have not accomplished, of what you have not become.

It is what you have not accomplished because you have chosen not to accomplish it. It’s what you have not pursued because you have chosen not to pursue it. Now that we have identified what it is that you are feeling, it's time to inform you that you should not feel that way any longer, because you have to live with every decision that you make including your decision to settle.

The person who represents your potential, the very person you chose as your mentor, is going to love you no less, because they never loved you for your potential; they loved you (and love you) for you. Let her know when you’re ready to stop settling.