He Will Cheat

28 Feb , 2014

Wedding VowsI was watching Basketball Wives of LA—don’t ask me why—and I caught the episode wherein a newer cast member Brittish Williams is speaking to a more seasoned housewife Jackie Christie, about her expectations of her future husband.

Brittish shared with Jackie that she loves her man but she knows he is likely to cheat on her. “As long as I don’t know about it, I’m okay with it.” I was happy to see Jackie’s surprise and ultimate objections to this line of thinking.

Newsflash! Expecting infidelity from a man who has every intention to be faithful to you gives him license to do just the opposite, or at least consider it when presented with temptation.

Accepting prematurely that cheating is inevitable speaks to your view of men, your insecurity about the true monogamy of your relationship, and it perpetuates this existing, albeit misguided, belief many men have that they are the only ones who can successfully "manage" more than one affair at a time. It’s best to expect the best than to go in preparing for the worst.

Raise your standards, ladies. When you choose to commit to him as his wife, guarding your heart is no longer your responsibility. And settling (for a cheater) is never an option.